Breakfast Potatoes

Hash Browns

Hash browns are good  for  any  meal,  and our family especially likes them for breakfast. Serve with 4 oz. of orange juice (this is 1 serving) and whole wheat toast. (Sometimes we will have over easy eggs or scrambled eggs with this).

1 medium potato, scrub* but do not peel

2 tsp. oil + 1 tsp. margarine or butter (or use 3 tsp. bacon drippings)

sea salt/ pepper


ketchup, optional

Heat oil/margarine(or bacon grease) in medium-sized fry pan on medium high.  Grate potato; stir into hot oil, spread out to cover bottom of pan. Salt/pepper.  Sprinkle 1 T. water over all; cover;  cook a couple of minutes.   Remove cover,  cook a bit longer until golden on bottom side; t urn  over, cook until golden on other side.  Slide onto a plate; can top with a bit of ketchup if desired.  Makes one serving.

*great idea from my good friends:  buy a new scrubbing/ cleaning brush.  Use it to scrub potatoes only.  An easy way to get potatoes ready fast.