Making Yogurt

Making Yogurt Using Powdered Milk

2 c. very warm water

3/4 c. non-instant dry milk powder

2 T. plain yogurt with active cultures

Put warm water in blender. Add dry milk 2 to 3 T. at a time, blend until smooth after each addition of dry milk. Then add plain yogurt, again blend smooth. Put mixture into a clean, dry glass quart jar with wide mouth  (it will be more than half full).  Use chosen method for yogurt making.  Will have 4 to 5 servings.

Save out 2 Tablespoons  of plain yogurt  to use in  making next batch, as recipe above  directs.  After making  several  batches  using  own  yogurt  for starter, purchase plain yogurt with cultures again, to refresh.

  Whatever method works for your individual situation, the goal is to give

          yogurt a steady warm atmosphere of around 110º, enabling

             cultures to develop and yogurt to thicken undisturbed. is where I am having problems helping others with a method, because we use the following way, and not everyone can do this.  We set a plastic lid on the jars very loosely, NOT tight at all.  Then put it into an Excalibur dehydrator (we bought it over 20 years ago)  that has the shelves removed (except for the very  bottom  shelf  so jars aren’t sitting right on the bottom metal). Our shelf, though a bit flexible, holds up to two quart-sized jars. We then turn dehydrator on 110º  for about 4 hours.  Remove  jars  of thickened  yogurt,  allow to cool a few  minutes,  then  refrigerate  with  lid  tilted  just  enough  to allow warmth to  slowly  escape  while  yogurt  cools  (though  this yogurt is  fairly thick it will  thicken a bit more as it cools).  Lid can then be secured/tightened.  Use within one week.  We like to add some sugar and vanilla. 

I have searched other methods in order to make suggestions; since a dehydrator may not  be available.   Some use a yogurt maker;  others use an oven method, or a crock pot method.  Or a heating pad turned on medium heat, place folded  towel on top of that /place jar on towel  /cover all with another thick towel /do not disturb until done.  Others wrap heated mixture in towel, put into insulated coolerMost of these methods take up to 8 hours for yogurt to set.